RBIC  Romano Biznis Informativnikano Centro

RDIC  Romski Deloven Informativen Centar

RBIC  Roma Business Information Center

ZRDICM is the implementer, organizer and coordinator of many significant projects and events in the field of culture, tradition, etc.. Organizer and initiator of many researches related to the Roma community. At the same time, the organizer of events and many other projects through the prism of the Roma community, ZRDICM is also a part of the Network for systemic and permanent programs for the integration of the Roma community in the Republic of North Macedonia, in which 15 Roma NGO organizations are members.

It was founded in 2005 as a continuation of the Roma International Information Center (IMC), which was founded in 1999.

ZRDICM is a civil organization that has established a program with the aim of improving the social-economic position of the Roma community by promoting entrepreneurship, creating opportunities for employment and mediation in employment, organizing training for the acquisition of professional skills, spreading quality and timely information, etc. ZRDICM has established cooperation and partnership with many institutions and organizations, such as: ministries, government agencies, municipal authorities, civil society organizations, labor universities, banking sector, business sector, international organizations and donor agencies, etc.

The mission of the organization is: promoting socially responsible business practice through community partnerships and its local and international partner organizations

The vision of our association is to motivate the Roma business sector to be active and competitive, as well as to reduce the gray economy represented by a high percentage among this population.

In previous projects, ZRDICM participated in various activities aimed at the inclusion of Roma in society. Some of these projects were for the identification of people living in inadequate conditions and facilities that do not have a health status.

The target group that we covered through the activities were the people who deal with the collection of secondary waste materials (plastic and paper).

The center has developed a program aimed at contributing to the improvement of the socio-economic situation of the Roma community, providing quality and timely information related to Roma entrepreneurship, mediation in employment, organizing trainings, seminars and workshops, etc.

The basic goals of the Association are: development of Roma business entrepreneurship, encouraging Roma citizens to develop awareness of self-identification and self-evidence in various spheres of modern life, organizing educational and cultural programs, organizing seminars and similar forms of citizens’ meetings of Roma nationality with the aim of exchanging experiences with Roma non-governmental organizations from all over the world and promoting and protecting Roma culture, tradition, customs and the Roma language.

The association achieves its goals in accordance with legal regulations through the following activities:

1. Encouraging young people to expand, develop and respect Roma Culture.

2. Creation of conditions and opportunities for rational use of free time of young Roma and their engagement in all spheres of civil society.

3. Promotion of all forms of socializing, getting to know and cooperating with the Roma with the non-Roma population in whose environment they live without dividing them on political-national, racial, religious, cultural and other grounds.

4. Organization of tribunes in order to inform about the benefits offered by the state to minorities.

5. Programs for the development of Roma culture, referral and representation of Roma before governmental and non-governmental institutions and joint cooperation with other governmental and non-governmental organizations in the country and abroad.

The organization also:

-Performs an educational program, seminars, training, courses, etc.

– Conducts training of Roma Business Entrepreneurs.

– Provides information about the needs of the Roma population.

Ul. 376 br: 108, 1000 Skopje, Republika Severna Makedonija

Tel: +389 (02) 3 216 000  E-mail: association.rbicm@gmail.comrbic@t-home.mk