The mission of the Roma Investment Fund (RIF) is to optimize the entrepreneurship opportunities in the
Roma community through
 Development of Roma network business (business incubators)
 Development and implementation of practices that would result in startup businesses (micro
and macro businesses)
 Connecting applicants with professional consultants. (preparation of a business plan)
 Facilitating lunch of new businesses

 Acquisition of practical tools for identifying challenges
 Ability to assess start-up and scale-up potential, translated into business model
 Opportunity to network and discover new sources of collaboration
 Collaboration with other creative applicants
 Better understanding of potential markets and their development opportunities
 Gaining confidence in business decision making
 Access to industry experts
 Workshop trainers
 Custom counseling sessions

 Establishment of a Roma investment fund (RIF)
 Encouraging minority entrepreneurship by moving the start-up scene
 Education (creating and managing a start-up business)
 Financial support for the development of innovative start-up businesses
 Advanced spin-off and P&P projects
 Economic progress
 Educating small business owners to increase resilience in order to develop their own strategy

Support to on-going business

 Assessment of the business (needs and capacities)
 Risk assessment of new investments and reinvestments
 Joint ventures
 Know-how and in-kind (up to 20%)
 Membership fee/share from the Income generated by the new business development

 Business plan development
 Know-how and in-kind (up to 20%)
 Business incubation up to 2 years (based on membership fee/share from the profit)

The vision of RIF – A is increased employment, reduced poverty and established social cohesion.
RIF – A's mission is to support the development of small and medium-sized enterprises, start-ups, and
social entrepreneurship in the Roma community.

Long-term goals
The long-term goals of RIF – A are: improved access to financial services, promotion of entrepreneurship,
encouragement of innovation and development of partnerships.
RIF – A will work on improved access to financial services, as a powerful instrument for development and
poverty reduction. RIF – A will provide access to financial resources through loans, and will also develop
new financial services according to market needs.
RIF – A will promote entrepreneurship and taking initiative and responsibility for one's own success. The
basic conceptual approach is that individual success simultaneously leads to the improvement of one's
own community. This approach requires a level playing field by providing equal chances for the
realization of all ideas and initiatives. Therefore, the RIF – A will aim for further development of the

market economy and consistent observance of market principles, for the reason that a supportive
environment is a prerequisite for the development of businesses.
The RIF – A will encourage innovation and its mainstreaming, as it is believed to be necessary to build a
competitive knowledge-based economy.
RIF – A will build partnerships with other actors and stakeholders for the realization of common goals,
because it is believed that more can be achieved when joined together.
RIF-A will target the Roma community given their need for support and their entrepreneurial spirit