Be part of the largest network supporing the Romani population and rights all around the world

Program Overview

Introducing the ROMA GLOBAL NETWORK – The Network for Global Progress and Unity ROMA GLOBAL NETWORK – RGN is a revolutionary network that connects all those who are committed to the advancement of human rights, gender and sex equality, the fight against discrimination, political equality and literacy, democracy, economy, education, health, media, tradition, art and many other areas of social life. The network seeks to unite diverse entities that share the common goal of preserving and protecting basic human values. At the same time, it highlights the involvement and involvement of the Roma community in these segments.

ROMA GLOBAL NETWORK – RGN is motivated by the idea of ​​breaking down generalized prejudices and barriers and finding ways to overcome them. The network invites all interested parties to join its quest for a better world. She believes that “Satisfaction lies in the effort, not in the achievement. The total effort is a total win.” Therefore, joining the ROMA GLOBAL NETWORK – RGN is crucial in the collective effort to achieve this victory.

ROMA GLOBAL NETWORK – RGN believes that planet Earth provides enough for the needs of every person, including the Roma nation. However, it is essential to address the greed of some individuals. The network is committed to preserving faith in humanity, as Martin Luther King once said, “Life’s motto: to wipe every tear from every eye.” The network envisions a world where every individual can reach their full potential without any discrimination or barriers.

We must act today to shape the future we desire. As the network believes, “The future depends on what you do today.” Therefore, we must not wait for others to take action. We must come together under the umbrella of ROMA GLOBAL NETWORK – RGN and work towards a common goal and mission. ROMA GLOBAL NETWORK – RGN is not a revolution that will just happen by itself. The network believes that “Revolution is not an apple that falls when the time comes. You’re the one who has to make him fall.” Therefore, we must all take responsibility and actively work towards bringing about the change we want to see in the world.

In conclusion, ROMA GLOBAL NETWORK – RGN is an ambitious network that aims to connect and empower individuals and entities to create a better world for all. We invite you to join us in our mission to achieve global progress and unity.